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All of our services are rendered to enable patients to enjoy a healthier life style!


Regenerative medicine utilizes various methods for the regrowth, repair and replacement of damaged or diseased cells or tissues to restore normal function. These treatments are provided in our office or outpatient facility. Advocate Health Partners employs innovative strategies to help promote our patient’s overall health and wellness. Some of the conditions we treat include:

– Neck and back pain
– Spine injuries
– Knee, shoulder, hip and joint injuries
– Post surgical pain
– Anti-aging therapies
– Hormone replacement therapy
– Holistic weight-loss and nutrition plans

Advocate Health Partners now makes it more convenient by offering functional medicine services in all locations throughout the Tampa Bay area. Having a primary care provider that you have an established relationship with is helpful when health issues arise. The relationship you build with our providers will enable them to optimize your health and wellness. Through a functional medicine approach, we can identify and treat the root cause of your symptoms instead of masking them with medications.

Optimizing your health often prevents other related conditions from becoming an issue. Advocate Health Partners integrates traditional medicine with a holistic, systems-based approach.

Why We Do Not Accept Insurance Assignment for Functional Medicine Services

Many people who have contacted our office for our services have asked us why we do not bill insurance directly when other medical providers do. We fully understand the financial challenge this presents to some patients, and we wish there were a way for us to bill your insurance company. Unfortunately, at this time, there is not. Here is why:

When clinics bill health insurance companies directly, the doctors are required to become participating providers. The doctors must sign a contract that allows the insurance company to determine which services they will and will not provide and even how certain health conditions are to be treated. In general, insurance companies are not focused on preventive or wellness services. They are heavily invested in the conventional model of health care that too often relies on drugs and surgery. We are committed to the functional medicine model that addresses the underlying causes of your symptoms with specific nutritional and lifestyle recommendations.