DiscSeel®: Chronic Back Pain Relief

How Discseel® Procedure Treats Low Back Symptoms

Dr. Christopher Gleis is a renowned pain management expert who has been hand-selected and trained by Dr. Kevin Pauza, a pioneer in the field of spine treatment. With extensive knowledge and expertise, Dr. Gleis has mastered the innovative Discseel® Procedure, a minimally-invasive technique for treating chronic back pain caused by damaged or torn spinal discs.

The Discseel® Procedure involves injecting a natural biologic called Fibrin into the affected disc, which not only seals the tears but also stimulates the body’s natural healing process. This revolutionary approach addresses the underlying cause of inflammation, offering a true alternative to traditional spinal fusion surgeries.


Dr. Gleis, along with other informed spine specialist, recognizes the limitations of conventional treatments and embraces this scientifically-validated method of sealing and healing discs. By focusing on repairing the discs themselves, rather than just addressing the symptoms, the Discseel® Procedure provides long-lasting relief for patients suffering from back pain.

It is important to note that while some surgeons may resist these advancements in order to maintain the status quo and continue performing metal fusion surgeries, the success and effectiveness of the Discseel® Procedure are evident. Research has shown that Fibrin strengthens discs immediately, surpassing the capabilities of stem cells.

With Dr. Gleis’s expertise and his training under Dr. Kevin Pauza, patients can trust that they are receiving the highest standard of care and access to state-of-the-art treatments for their back pain. The Discseel® Procedure offers hope and relief for individuals seeking a non-surgical solution to their chronic back symptoms.

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4 Easy Steps to a Pain Free Life


During the in-person consultation, you will speak directly with the physician who will perform the Discseel® Procedure. We want to make sure you are confident about the procedure and we will answer all your questions prior to the procedure.


The Annulogram is a detailed process that will identify your pain source. It specifically determines if your normal or abnormal-looking discs are leaking. Anything missed by an MRI will show up in the Annulogram.


During the Discseel® Procedure your physician will inject a substance called fibrin into your damaged disc, which will seal the disc. Fibrin is an FDA approved biologic that is made from human blood. The entire procedure is observed through live x-rays.


After the Discseel® Procedure most patients are walking within the first 24 hours. Immediately after the procedure, your damaged disc will start healing, which is a continuous process over the next 12 months.

The Discseel® Procedure Vs. Spinal Fusion

For decades, physicians have been recommending spinal fusions to patients, only for them to fail. These life-altering procedures have lead to some of the highest percentage of surgical failures and opioid dependency among surgical patients. So the real question is: why are doctors not recommending a procedure that has greater success? It’s simple. An average spinal fusion patient is worth between $250,000 and $750,000 in insurance payouts over the patient’s lifetime. It was the high failure that lead to the creation of the Discseel® Procedure. So how do the two procedures compare to each other? Here are some facts:

  • In over 40% of patients that receive a spinal fusion, the fusion does not address the long term source of the pain
  • At least 1/3 of all spinal fusion patients need a second or third fusion of their spine within 10 years
  • The Discseel® Procedure has been successful in permanently relieving back pain in 70% of patients that had a previous failed spinal procedure, such as a spinal fusion

Can The Discseel® Procedure help your Low Back Pain?

Back Pain Conditions That The Discseel® Procedure Has Successfully Treated

Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative discs are the result of wear and tear on your spine. The Discseel® Procedure is a non-surgical procedure that seals disc tears, and then promotes growth to heal those once damaged discs.

Annular tear

These kinds of injuries can occur over decades and are hard to heal due to poor blood circulation the disc. The Discseel® Procedure helps to repair the damage!

Chronic Low Back Pain

Chronic back pain most often reflects disc tears, and disc tears cause disc degeneration, bulges, and herniations, and that’s exactly what the Discseel® Procedure treats. The Discseel® Procedure can help! Don’t hesitate to contact us for an evaluation.


Degenerative discs are the result of wear and tear on your spine. The Discseel® Procedure is a non-surgical procedure that seals disc tears, and then promotes growth to heal those once damaged discs.

Herniated Disc

Disc herniation isn’t the direct cause of pain as was once thought. Instead, the leakage associated with herniated discs is responsible for inflammation and pain. With the Discseel® Procedure, you can live your life pain free while doing activities you enjoy. Find out if this life-improving procedure is optimal for you.

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